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The only CrossFit Gym on the Isle of Man




All of our CrossFit sessions have one aim: To get you get as fit as possible! We programme with specific training targets in mind with test and re-test workouts so you can see your progress. Every session includes a thorough warm up, strength element and a cardio piece to finish to give you a full body workout. They are suitable for any age and ability level and we can tailor the workouts to match where you are at on your fitness journey to ensure optimal progress. Click here to see the timetable.

Every Session is coached

All our coaching staff are professionally trained and hold above and beyond the industry’s standard fitness qualifications. We have Strength and Conditioning specialists, Physiotherapists and Functional Training experts on hand every session to ensure you are well looked after from start to finish.

Functional Training

Here at CrossFit IOM, our programme utilises all of the functional movement patterns from everyday life. We incorporate strength training, cardio fitness, body weight movements and much much more. The way in which we expertly put these sessions together guarantees your success in becoming stronger and fitter simultaneously.

shower and changing facilities

All members have access to shower and changing facilities. They are always clean and professionally maintained. We have a selection of shower gels in both changing rooms as well as a hair dryer and GHD hair straightners in the female changing room.

Accountability and WOD tracking

CrossFit IOM have recently teamed up with BoxMate – an app that allows you to track your progress by inputting your goals and logging your sessions. It is also a great social hub for our members. We also track all of the sessions on our whiteboards so if you are not into tracking apps then we can still keep a close eye on your progress.


We offer an optional induction for those with little or no gym experience. This 60-90 minute one to one session with a coach costs £50 and will teach you the basics of CrossFit. It will also build a member portfolio of your current fitness levels and allow us to learn any physical limitations, such as poor flexibility, prior to you taking part in your first session. Fill out the contact form to book this today.


After your workout, you can relex with a coffee or recovery shake in our lounge area and make use of our free WiFi. We also have a shop that sells premium quality vitamins and protein as well as CrossFit IOM apparel.


Community is a huge part of CrossFit. Our training methodology is hard, but we go through it together making friends for life along the way. You will find a fantastic social atmosphere that is both challenging and inspiring.

coach to member ratio

To us, you are not just a number. We try to ensure each and every session has a ratio of 1 coach to 7 people ensuring quality coaching throughout.

Client Testimonials


I can’t praise the set up at CrossFit IOM enough. There is a great team of friendly individuals who really are interested in your safety and progress when training. I met lots of new, hard working friends through CrossFitIOM where I doubt we may have even spoke to each other in a conventional gym. It’s a great training environment from beginners through to experts and the consistent progress everyone shows speaks for itself!

Will Draper

Crossfit Member

CrossFit IOM has been a life changer for me, from the incredible knowledge of the coaches to the atmosphere and support from the other members. For me this is what fitness is all about, and the added bonus, losing weight and becoming fitter than ever before.
Andy Eastlake

Crossfit Member

One of the best things about CrossFit is that it is all scaled to your ability. Everyone does the same workout but tailored to suit them and allow them to complete it. All the coaches are knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. The CrossFit IOM community is amazing. I have made so many new friends through fitness. The encouragement and genuine happiness that you see when someone completes a workout and everyone of cheering them on is incredible!
Fiona Brand

Crossfit Member