Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Let us answer it!


Do I need an induction?

We offer an optional induction for those with little or no gym experience. This 60-90 minute one to one session with a coach costs £50 and will teach you the basics of CrossFit. It will also build a member portfolio of your current fitness levels and allow us to learn any physical limitations, such as poor flexibility, prior to you taking part in your first session.

Do I need to be fit before I start?
No, we have people of all ages and abilities in each session all performing similar movements to suit their own fitness level. CrossFit is designed for universal scalability, making it perfect for any individual, regardless of experience.
I have an injury/I’m pregnant. Does that matter?
No, all movements can be changed to movements that will actually help to strengthen any weak areas to help you recover from an injury. For pregnant ladies, we substitute any movements that they can’t do for lots of extra posture work for the upper back and glutes.
What is a typical workout?
We start every session with a thorough breifing of the session. We then start the warm up which is usually 6-10 minutes long and is designed to get your body ready for the session ahead. Typical movements in the warm up would include the bike/rowing machine along with exercises to encourage range of movement and build stability. We will then start then main part of the session which may be back squats or deadlifts to build strength and then finish the session with a conditioning piece to get the heart rate up such as 5 rounds as fast as possible of 10 calorie ski, 15 press ups and 20 box jumps. All movements will be scaled to suit you – press ups on your knees and jumps to a lower box or step ups.
Can I pay as I go?

Yes, all sessions are available as £13.50 pay as you go. Just register on TeamUp and turn up 5 minutes before.

Do you have changing rooms/showers?
Yes, all members have access to the shower and changing facilities. They are always clean and professionally maintained. We have a selection of shower gels in both changing rooms as well as a hair dryer and GHD hair straightners in the female changing room.
Do you have a card machine?
Yes, we accept all major cards.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a varied strength & conditioning programme delivered at high intensity (as high as you want to push yourself). It combines a wide variety of functional movements including weightlifting, bodyweight movements and cardio.


Is there someone there to tell me what to do?

Yes – all of our sessions are coached. You will be shown how to do everything from start to finish and if there is something that you can’t do then we will modify the exercise. All of our coaching staff are professionally trained and hold above and beyond the industry’s standard fitness qualifications.