Meet The Team

The only CrossFit Gym on the Isle of Man

The Coaching Team


Dan Bonett

Dan is a graduate and specializes in strength and conditioning. Dan is the programming expert for the gym and has helped every member achieve things they never thought possible. Dan also hosts seminars across Europe teaching coaches and athletes alike on how to get the most out of there training. Dan’s favorite movement is a power clean and favourite CrossFit benchmark workout is Cindy. Outside of the gym Dan is a blue belt in BJJ.


Erin Bonett

Erin has a degree in Sports Therapy and Physiotherapy along with her CrossFit level 1 and 2 certifications. After spending several years coaching CrossFit sessions, Erin now dedicates most of her time running be free PhysioFit, specialising in sports injuries and pre/post natal excercise. Erin’s physio background allows her to keep our members consistently building foundations. Erin’s favourite movement is a power clean and CrossFit benchmark is DT. Outside of coaching Erin is a high level competitive CrossFit athlete and a big name on the UK CrossFit scene.


Bronwen Kaneen

Bronwen or brappy, is a graduate Sports Therapist and has also completed a three year apprenticeship at CrossFit IOM in Strength & Conditioning. Bronwen excels at changing excercises in sessions to help rehabilitate injuries when necessary. Her favourite movement is the push jerk and CrossFit benchmark workout is Kelly. Outside of the gym Bronwen is a keen cyclist and podium finisher of the end to end.


Kelly Roberts

Kelly joined the CrossFit IOM team in March 2020. She is our newest member of staff but joins us with plenty of energy, years of coaching experience and a passion for CrossFit. She is currently working through a 3 year government accredited strength and conditioning programme with us. Kelly’s favourite movement is the Clean and CrossFit benchmark workout is Kelly – yep really. Outside of CrossFit, Kelly likes to get out exploring on her road bike and walk her cockapoo.